Clean Shaven

With all of these ground breaking changes, we were still required to be CLEAN SHAVEN and I chose to grow a beard. The principal of our school contacted my mother stating that if I did not shave, I would not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. My Mother made it very clear that I would shave my face and I did.


It's the year 1971, Richard Nixon was President; Joy to the World, Maggie May and I Feel the Earth Move were the top three songs. As a senior in high school, we were the class that changed the rules; Hair on boys could NOW touch your ears, no more ties and we began wearing Flared Pants.

47 Years

Since that day 47 years ago, I have never totally shaved again and will have a beard and mustache for the rest of my life! I have also dedicated the last 45+ years of my life to the Barber Shop Supplies and Equipment industry and the last several years to researching and designing The Original Beard Scrubber.


As the first to ever design and launch a Beard Scrubber, we hope that you appreciate the Never Tangle, Bacteria Resistant Silicone Bristles with a Non-Slip Handle and how proud I am that this is "The Original" Beard Scrubber.

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